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If left untreated, chlamydia can have harmful long-term impacts on the reproductive capacities of both men as well as females. The bacterial infection is relatively straightforward to deal with, so there is no justification for not caring for your sexual health. Order a test today from STDAware Cleveland and have results within 2 days. Our physicians are on call 24/7 to help with treatment for positive test outcomes.

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Our labs test for chlamydia by detecting the presence of the rRNA of the bacteria that causes chlamydia infections, c. trachomatis. We only need a urine sample, tests take a few minutes and results are discretely delivered in 1-2 days. STDAware Cleveland uses a state of the art FDA approved chlamydia test to provide you the most accurate results in STD testing.

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Chlamydia Testing With STDAware Cleveland

Chlamydia is among the most usual STDs that can be caught by both men and also women alike. It can be treated and healed effortlessly however if left without treatment it will cause major harm to the human body. Among the primary reasons that a Chlamydia infection goes untreated is because of the lack of responsibility in a lot of US sexually active grownups when it pertains to following through with getting normal Sexually Transmitted Disease checks. Chlamydia can be transferred through all of the normal sexual contact activities: vaginal, anal and foreplay. The highest at risk persons are often young people, as a result of their usual abuse and also non use of condoms and also other safe sex techniques. You can obtain the STD chlamydia even if your partner does not ejaculate, since the disease only needs to be in contact with the skin around the genital areas to pass through the membrane layers.

Regrettably for the victims of the disease, the majority of individuals accidentally give chlamydia to various other partners because it seldom has evident indicators of symptoms. Some individuals do last up to to 1 year passing the STD away to every sexual companion they come in contact with, without ever knowing that they had the disease to begin with. After being suggested medical treatment from a physician, you should wait for a minimum of 3 weeks to participate in intercourse once more. Females are at high threat for the disease infecting their uterus as well as triggering an illness referred to as 'pelvic inflammatory condition', so guarantee that you are following the best practices for maintaining your sex-related health by obtaining checked every four months and also whenever after you copulate somebody without protection.