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STDAware Cleveland provides Gonorrhea testing to all citizens of Cleveland. Simply order online, go to a test center near you, and get the screening results back in your email within 48 hours. Gonorrhea can be easily treated if identified early, so call or book an appointment today. Failure to treat a gonorrhea infection could have serious negative long-term effects on your sexual health and wellness, so do not hesitate.

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Our labs test for gonorrhea by screening a urine sample for the presence of the rRNA of the bacteria that cases gonorrhea infections, N gonorrhoeae. The test only takes a few minutes and we only require a small urine sample, no uncomfortable screening procedures are used.

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Gonorrhea Testing With STDAware Cleveland

Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States, with an estimated 700k new cases yearly. The most at-risk group in the US for obtaining the infection are sexually energetic teens. Gonorrhea can be gone through vaginal, oral or anal sex and also can be located in the mouth, anal cavities, throat and vagina. Some signs and symptoms of the virus consist of yet are not limited to things like having lower tummy pain, having a horrible burning sensation when you pee, having strange bleeding in between periods if you are a lady, having some spot bleeds after sexual activity as well as an irregular swelling of the ulva. Signs and symptoms in males consist of several of the very same points like a burning sensation when you pee, in addition to having inflamed throat glandulars if you've been going down on infected females.

Like chlamydia and syphilis, gonorrhea can be treated fairly easily with a stable supply of prescription antibiotics prescribed by a physician. Although there are typically obvious indications that you have actually gotten the disease, you could be at serious danger for permanent damage if you do not get it taken care of relatively rapidly. Ladies that don't obtain medication for the gonorrhea infection could have urinary tract infections, or pelvic inflammatory disease which could render them not able to ever bare youngsters. Ectopic pregnancies additionally are very common if a lady has a neglected gonorrhea infection-- these are particularly risky considering that they could kill both the mom as well as the child. The disease can additionally spread out from the mouth, throat or genital areas to the bones by way of the blood. A neglected gonorrhea infection can be very life endangering so kindly, make certain to obtain examination for STDs early and also commonly as well as make sure that your examination is undoubtedly trying to find gonorrhea.